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Digital X-Rays

Dentist shows a patient x-ray

Technology is rapidly changing the world around us. The dental field is no exception. As technology advances, dentistry evolves with it, bringing exciting new solutions to age-old problems.

Your Quincy, MA dentists at Dr. Alaa AlWazzan DMD PC are no strangers to modern technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to new methods and equipment as it becomes available and is proven to be effective and reliable. One of the technological advances that we use in our office every day is digital x-ray imaging.

For decades, dentists have used radiography to study, assess and diagnose the state of their patients’ teeth. But traditional x-ray technology brings with it a significant number of inconveniences. With the development of digital imaging, many of those inconveniences are done away, and a simpler, faster, and more efficient method is available.

Benefits of Digital Imaging

While traditional x-ray images were created by the use of a significant amount of radiation, digital images are created with 50-90% less. This lessens the dangers that can come from over-exposure to radiation, and enables all of our patients (even those who may not previously have been able to) to receive x-ray images.

Digital radiography is also much faster than its traditional counterpart. Traditional x-rays use film and need time to process. If an image was off the mark or blurry, the technician would not know until after the image was fully developed, and would only then know that another exposure was needed. Today we can take x-ray images in an instant. Using computers in our office, the image can go directly from the x-ray machine to our computer screen in a matter of seconds.

Storing images is now much easier than it was in the days of film x-ray images. Digital x-ray images can be stored on computers, making the storage space far smaller, while also enabling the images to be more easily accessed by the staff and patients.

Although digital x-ray machines come at a higher initial cost than film x-ray machines, over time they are less expensive to use. We anticipate that eventually, these newer machines will actually cost less than the traditional machines, as technology continues to advance and they become more commonplace.

Getting a Digital X-Ray

Whether you are in our office for an in-depth procedure or a routine checkup, it is likely that you will receive a digital x-ray examination as part of your visit. This procedure is very quick and easy, and involves little or no discomfort. The hygienist will place a spacer in your mouth and instruct you to bite down on it. The x-ray machine is positioned and pointed at the part of your mouth that needs examination. A lead vest may be placed over your torso to block your vital organs from the radiation. The hygienist will step out of the room. With the simple touch of a button, the image is taken, and a couple seconds later the image appears on the screen, ready for us to see.

Your digital images are stored on our database for reference so that we can look at your teeth over time and see how they change and progress. Digital images can be used to determine not just the health and position of your teeth, but also the presence of cavities or growths and the state of your supporting bones.

Digital x-rays are a valuable part of our practice and we are proud to be able to offer them to our patients. Click here or give us a call to schedule your next appointment at Dr. Alaa AlWazzan DMD PC.

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