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Dental Implants in Quincy, MA

Dental Implant Quincy MA

Dental Implant Quincy MA| Consider dental implants for teeth replacement. Missing teeth and severely damaged teeth can benefit from a dental implant restoration. The titanium tooth root is inserted into the gum and attaches to the jawbone. Once healed, a dental crown is cemented on top. Many patients choose dental implants because of the sturdy tooth root and its longevity in teeth replacement. Dental implants are known to last 10 to 15 years. Some can even last longer with excellent dental care. You too may benefit from dental implants! Schedule a consultation today!

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How long can it take to restore my smile with a dental implant?

Dental implant restoration is a surgical procedure. Depending on your situation we could do an immediate or delayed surgical implant placement. An immediate surgical implant placement allows us to remove a damaged tooth and insert the dental implant the same day. A delayed surgical implant placement may be considered if the area must heal before inserting the dental implant. This can be possible if the patient does not have enough jawbone. In this case, bone grafting will be considered. Bone grafting allows more bone tissue to form in the affected area. We then, use a resorbable membrane or dissolvable collagen to keep the gum from attaching to the developing bone. The area then heals for a few months. Once the jawbone has developed the necessary tissue, the dental implant Quincy MA procedure can take place.

How much are dental implants for teeth replacement?

Dental implant procedures vary in cost. Each patient will need unique procedures to fully restore missing teeth. For example, some may need teeth extraction and bone grafting. Your consultation will allow us to explain your procedure in greater detail. Call us today.

Considering dental implants? 

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