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Dental Emergency in Quincy, MA

Dental Emergency Quincy MA

We provide dental emergency care in Quincy, MA. Your dental concerns are always our top priority. Contact us right away if you are experiencing any of the following:

dental emergency Quincy MA

Abscessed Tooth – Tooth pain can be the result of an infection. You may also notice swelling in the gums. Do not ignore the pain as it can intensify and result in tooth loss. A root canal will be needed to clean the inside of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment РA pulp infection may be the reason for your tooth pain. Just like the abscessed tooth, this pain can intensify and result in tooth loss.

TMJ Disorders – Call us if you are experiencing pain in the face, jaw joint, or shoulders. Also discomfort or clicking while opening the mouth widely, locked jaws, difficult chewing, and locked jaws may be a sign of a TMJ disorder.

Tooth Fracture – Damaged teeth like chipping and cracks can be painful while leaving a patient self-conscious. Contact us. We have solutions to correct this like dental bonding.

Damaged Filling – If you notice teeth sensitivity around your filling, it may be damaged. Your filling needs to be repaired quickly to avoid a bacterial infection. Also, let us know if a dental crown is loose. This too needs to be corrected to avoid damage to the dental implant or underlying tooth. If you can not get to our office soon, keep the crown in place until you arrive.

Avulsed Tooth – Facial trauma can cause a tooth to fall out. If you are able to, place the tooth in milk or water. Avoid touching the root and call us. We will try to save it so urgency is important.

Dental emergencies are unfortunate and we want to treat you. Please do not hesitate to call with any dental concerns. It could be a dental emergency. Call us at (617) 328-5060.


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