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Quincy Dental Specialists Group

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COVID-19 Protocol

Staff Protocol

-All staff temperatures taken upon entry to the office. Multiple entries per day will be logged in separate folders per staff, to prevent cross-contamination and ensure privacy as needed.
– Front desk or administrative staff will be in separate areas of the office from the clinical staff. interactions will be by phone or messaging, each staff will be designated a work station at least 10 ft apart. No staffs will be allowed to use unassigned stations.j
– Front desk staff will be wearing level 3 surgical masks, nitrile examination gloves, and an optional splash shield upon entry to the office, and will be kept on the entire time spent in the office whether a patient is present or not.
– Front line staff/clinical staff will be wearing seal tested N95 respirators, full-body disposable gowns, face shields, eye protection, shoe coverings, hair coverings.
-All staff must wash hands upon entry and before exiting the office. All clinical staff must wash hands and all exposed areas prior to and after each patient visit.
-All rooms have HEPA filtering air purifiers that have capacities at least twice the size of the operatory/space it is installed.
-MERV 14 level filtration in central AC filters, traps particles as small as a virus.

Patient Protocol

-patients may call to book appointment during limited office hours, to seek emergency treatment or to treat likely to become emergency situations starting May 25th 2020.
-all treatments are by appointment only until further notice.
-new patients can fill out medical history and a good health attestation form online, along with insurance info. My staffs can help navigate the process by phone if needed.
-all patients will wait in car in office parking lot or street parking, call the office to check-in, and an office staff will instruct the patient on when to enter the building through the front door, before entering the waiting area, a staff will take their temperature with a contactless thermometer, and if temperature is over 104 patient will not be seen unfortunately.
-the waiting area will be kept empty of patients.
-once patient enters the office they will see a hand sanitizer station which is touchless, they may also choose to use the bathroom to wash their hands. next they are directed to their operatory, where only the doctor and one assistant will be present.
-patients are strongly encouraged to wear a mask until seated in the operatory. We can provide one if patient is ok with it.
-once treatment is complete patient will be directed through the waiting area, again there will be no interation with another patient.
-patients are encouraged to make payments by phone, or online or by mail. Patients have the option to pay on their way out, the front desk area will have maximum 2 staff members 10 ft apart, and can take payment through a sneeze guard, they may be wearing face shields and masks and gloves while taking payment as well.

Infection Control Protocol

-operatories are sterilized immediately after each patient visit, and left empty for minimum 30 minutes to allow for aerosol removal.
-a dedicated compliance office as well as disinfection specific assistant will heat sterilize all used instruments and ensure the operatory is set up properly and safe for the next patient.
-all staffs will wear scrubs under protective gowns, shoes and scrubs worn into the office will be changed out and left at the office, scrubs will be washed at the office in washing machine using seperate loads per employee. Employees are encouraged to wear and leave at the office rubber shoes, but shoe covering will be provided.
-staffs will be compensated for additional cost incurred for procurring sufficient supply of scrubs/rubber shoes.

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