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Cosmetic Dental Fillings in Quincy, MA

Cosmetic Dental Fillings Quincy MA- Twenty years ago, getting a few fillings meant littering your teeth with unsightly dark spots that resembled the actual cavities themselves. Patients with multiple restorations were often left with a mouth that resembled a metal junkyard instead of a healthy, white smile. However, cosmetic fillings have changed all of that.

Cosmetic Dental fillings Quincy MA

Cosmetic dental fillings Quincy MA, also called “white fillings” or “tooth-colored fillings,” are made from a composite resin that matches the teeth perfectly. When the restoration is complete, the filling is virtually invisible—while simultaneously providing the same protection as traditional fillings. Here’s some more information about cosmetic fillings, how they could help you, and what to expect during the procedure.

What Are Cosmetic Fillings Made Of?

The material used in cosmetic fillings is a safe, sturdy composite resin that contains ceramic and plastic compounds. Composite resin is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural tooth material, offering a durable restoration that can’t be detected with the naked eye. Modern composite resins are strong enough to be used for restorations on molars, where bite force from chewing is magnified. Cosmetic fillings are incredibly strong, but can be repaired with similar material if they are ever knocked loose or damaged.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cosmetic Dental fillings Quincy MAAesthetically Pleasing

Unlike other types of fillings, tooth-colored fillings can be dyed to match the existing teeth, so that restorations blend right in. Composite resins are also designed to mimic the normal opacity and texture of the teeth, offering a sheen that is indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Because of cosmetic fillings, patients can have large cavities on the visible portions of their teeth repaired without worrying about the restoration looking worse than the original decay.


Modern cosmetic fillings are more durable than ever, capable of lasting as long as fifteen to twenty years. To put that number into perspective, traditional amalgam fillings have an average lifespan of about 12.8 years.

Protects Teeth

Cosmetic bonding materials are so strong that they help to restore the original structural integrity of the tooth. In fact, when composite resin fillings are placed, they restore as much as 85%-95% of the tooth’s strength. Cosmetic fillings also require less of the original tooth to be removed, better preserving its structure.

Immediate Curing

Older filling materials were dry to the touch in seconds, but sometimes required a week or more to fully cure. However, composite resin fillings cure immediately with the help of a gentle UV light, allowing patients to return to their daily activities much faster without compromising the restoration.

How It Works

The process for receiving composite resin fillings is nearly identical to getting traditional amalgam fillings, with a few slight changes. After we determine that you have a cavity, the area will be carefully examined by Dr. AlWazzan or one of his associates, who will analyze the extent of the infection. Next, the affected area will be numbed with a local anesthetic. After the tooth is completely numb, the decay will be gently removed and the area will be cleaned, sanitized, and rinsed.

When the tooth is dry, Dr. AlWazzan will dye the composite resin to match your existing tooth and then press it into place to fill the cavity. The surface of the tooth will be smoothed, and then the repair will be cured with a UV light. After the composite material has hardened, the surface of the tooth is polished and cleaned. The entire process takes about twenty minutes from start to finish, but the restoration can last a lifetime.

For more information about tooth-colored fillings, make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Quincy MA, Dr. Alaa AlWazzan.

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