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Are You a Dental Implant Candidate?

dental implants

Dental implants are truly a life-changing procedure, offering patients the ability to restore form and function to their smiles. In addition to looking completely natural and preventing problems like bone loss and adjacent tooth failure, dental implants are also easy for patients to take care of since they operate just like your natural teeth.

Although many patients worry that they might not be a candidate for dental implant surgery, the vast majority of patients can successfully get implants. In order to determine your candidacy for the procedure, Dr. AlWazzan will start your dental implant consultation by screening you for gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other existing health problems that need to be addressed before dental implants can be placed. Here are some of the things that all dental implant candidates should have, and a few things that could prevent the procedure.

Ideal Dental Implant Candidates Should:

Be Committed to the Timeline

Dental implant surgery is typically a multi-stage procedure that can take between 4 and 12 months. In order to be a candidate for implant surgery, you need to understand and be willing to go through the process, including any prerequisite procedures.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Although dental implants themselves can’t develop cavities or get infected, the gum tissue around implants and the bone tissue below them can develop problems if patients aren’t committed to maintaining good oral health. Dental implant patients should be brushing, flossing, and rinsing properly in addition to seeing Dr. AlWazzan regularly to have their dental implants in Quincy inspected. Patients with ongoing periodontal disease will need to have underlying problems addressed before receiving dental implants.

Be Generally Healthy

Dental implant surgery is a complex procedure, which is why patients who are thinking about dental implants should be generally healthy. Also, since periodontal disease has been tied to other health problems, patients should have clearance from their normal doctors before undergoing dental surgery.

Factors That Can Prevent Successful Implant Replacement

Certain Medications

Some medications can change the way that bone tissue heals, which is why patients who have taken bisphosphonates or undergone certain kinds of chemotherapy may not be candidates for dental implant surgery. These medications can put patients at risk for serious complications, including osteonecrosis.

Insufficient Bone Mass

Dental implants are only as strong as the bone used to support them, which is why patients with insufficient bone mass may need preparatory procedures such as bone grafting before receiving dental implants.


Smoking can affect how the oral tissues heal, which is why patients who can’t stop smoking may not be eligible for dental implant surgery.

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What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists specialize in restoring and replacing missing teeth to improve the smile aesthetically and functionally. After dental school, prosthodontists receive an extra three to four years of specialized training to learn more about the bite, oral anatomy, and the proper placement of dental implants. As one of only nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, the field of prosthodontics truly requires experience, artistic ability, and the finesse of a professional.

Services Offered By Prosthodontists

Replacing Missing Teeth

Prosthodontists help patients who have lost their own natural teeth due to injury or illness. In addition to constructing crowns, bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants, prosthodontists also evaluate how those replacement teeth will stand up during normal eating, talking, and other activities, so we can design prosthetics that will let you go about your life with as little inconvenience as possible. Prosthodontists also manage your follow-up care, addressing things like fit issues and problems with jaw pain, infection, or other complications tied to your replacement teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

As prosthodontists, we are artists. Dr. AlWazzan, Dr. Mirucki, and Dr. Lee understand the complexities of a beautiful smile, which is why we are uniquely qualified to handle cosmetic dentistry concerns. We can help you with things like placing ceramic crowns and veneers, or using composite resin to repair and reshape your teeth.

Management of Complex Cases

Oftentimes, patients have complex oral reconstruction needs, ranging from maxillofacial injuries to genetic facial defects. Because of our broad understanding of the oral cavity and the management of dental issues, prosthodontists are typically called on to handle complex care management.

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The Dental Implant Process

If you are considering dental implants in Quincy, MA, you should know not only the long-term benefits and cost, but what to expect from the treatment process as well, so that you can be comfortable and confident with the procedure. At Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC, we are dedicated to helping you receive the very best in dental care. We’re here to answer your questions so that you can find the perfect solution for your tooth loss.


Depending on the situation, dental implants can be placed in a day or take several months. On the first visit, we will perform an initial exam to determine whether implants are the best option for you. We will assess the state of your mouth, both visually and with X-rays, to determine what needs to be done to prepare for the procedure, and will work with you to determine a care plan. If your jawbone is healthy and there are no health conditions that would affect your likelihood of implant failure, you may be able to receive your implants right away. Otherwise, we’ll work on getting you to that point.


The installation of dental implants is a minor surgery, so it will be performed under anesthesia. Titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone where your original teeth used to be, and the bone is allowed to heal around them, fixing them firmly in place. This process can take several months, and you may need to wait until it has been completed before your implant can be topped with a permanent crown; but if you are eligible for immediate load implants, you’ll be able to replace your missing teeth the same day.

If you are not receiving immediate load implants, then we’ll wait until the bone and post have fused before attaching an abutment which will connect the crown to the implant. Then, the restoration or crown can be attached to the abutment. If your customized crown is not ready during the second visit, a temporary crown will be used until your next procedure (usually four to six weeks later).   

What if my jawbone isn’t healthy enough?

After  you have lost a permanent tooth, your jawbone starts to deteriorate. If we find that your jawbone lacks the density and size to support implants, you’ll need to prepare for the implant process with a bone graft. During a bone graft procedure, bone material from another part of your body or another source is added to your jawbone. After a recovery period to allow the graft to integrate with your jaw, implants can be placed.

For more information on dental implants, you can visit our implants page or schedule an appointment.

When to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular ways to improve your appearance. From whitening your teeth to shaping your gumline to closing unwanted spaces between your teeth, the options for cosmetic dentistry are seemingly endless. But how do you know when it’s the right time for you to look into cosmetic dentistry? Let’s take a look at a few of the signs.

You’re dissatisfied with your current smile

Obviously, it’s time for some cosmetic work when you’re unhappy with the smile you have.  Whether it’s yellow teeth, an irregular gum line, or gaps between your teeth, if you don’t like the way your smile looks you should get in touch with Dr. AlWazzan and his associates today. Teeth whitening in Quincy, MA is more accessible and affordable than you’d think, and other procedures are not far behind.

You have tooth damage

If you have any sort of tooth decay, chipped teeth, or other cosmetic issues with your teeth, then you should look into cosmetic dentistry. Dental crowns are a great option to fix teeth that don’t look quite right, as are dental veneers; both are made of porcelain.

You’re missing teeth

If you’re missing teeth, like quite a few Americans above the age of 30, then you’re a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants are far and away the most popular method for replacing missing teeth, for a number of reasons: implants last longer than dentures, are far more comfortable, and they look, feel, and act just like normal teeth.

You have unsightly fillings

If you’ve had a cavity in a tooth that’s prominent in your smile, and it wasn’t done in the past decade or so, then chances are it’s a dull gray color that doesn’t match the rest of your tooth. Luckily, the days of ugly gray filings are gone. Thanks to advances in dental technology, dentists can offer tooth-colored fillings if you need them in teeth that show in your smile. If you currently have gray filings, you can get them changed to tooth-colored ones.
At the end of the day, cosmetic dentistry is up to you and your desires. If you want to learn more about the process, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Quincy, MA today. Call or visit our website to learn more!

What Are Dental Implants?

dental-implantsFor people missing teeth, or with advanced periodontitis (gum disease), dental implants are one of the best options to help restore a smile to its former greatness. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, but they shouldn’t have to. Here at Quincy DMD, we specialize in helping our patients achieve the smile they desire, and we offer some of the best dental implants options in Quincy, MA.

There’s just one problem with implants: quite a few people still don’t know exactly what they are and why they’re so beneficial. So in the interest of education, let’s take a look at dental implants and why we recommend them so highly.

What are implants?

Implants consist of three parts:

  • The post: this is a cylindrical object surgically placed into your gums, connecting directly with your jawbone. When the post is anchored in the jawbone, it will fuse with the bone and create an incredibly sturdy foundation.
  • The abutment: This is placed on the post to connect the post to the crown.
  • The crown: This is the actual covering that goes on top of the abutment, hiding the post. It looks and functions like a real tooth.

Why implants?

When there are other options, why would you go to the extra expense – and discomfort – of getting a dental implant? There are several good reasons.

  • They look, feel, and function like normal teeth: The best part about implants is the way they imitate your natural teeth. In fact, they look so real that the only people who will be able to tell your teeth are fake are dentists.
  • Little maintenance: Unlike dentures, the only thing you have to do in order to keep your implants looking great is to take care of them as you would your normal teeth.
  • Longevity: Implants will last as long as you’re willing to take care of them, unlike almost all other dental restorations.
  • Oral health: Dental implants are generally the healthiest option for replacing missing teeth. In addition to helping other teeth stay in position, they also stimulate the jawbone and help maintain bone density.

Implants may cost a bit more up front than a crown, or even some dentures, but they offer far more value than other tooth replacement procedures. Between improved oral health, easier eating, higher self-esteem, durability, comfort, and appearance, implants are tough to beat.

If you think you’re a candidate for implants, or have more questions for Dr. AlWazzan, please contact us today. We’re here to help and want to give you the smile you deserve.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

With so many options available for do-it-yourself teeth whitening (including toothpaste with added whitening ingredients) it’s a fair question to ask why you should go visit a professional for a whitening session. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with over-the-counter options, there are some distinct advantages to having a professional teeth whitening session. Dr. Alwazzan goes over some of those benefits here.

Professional whitening is quicker

A visit to your local cosmetic dentist in Quincy, MA, will produce results at a much quicker pace than if you buy over-the-counter whitening products. This is due to the fact that there are some whitening gels that only dentists, or other trained dental professionals, are licensed to use. You can’t buy these extra-powerful whitening solutions over the counter.

We are experienced in whitening teeth, and perform sessions frequently. They’ll work more quickly and efficiently to whiten your teeth than you will on your own at home, trying to figure out how to use the whitening strips you just bought.

Professional whitening can be done at home or at the office

The other big benefit to professional whitening is that it can be performed either in the dentist’s office, or at home. When you visit our Quincy office, we’ll apply a strong whitening gel to your teeth and leave a fan on them for about an hour. Lasers may be used to speed up the whitening process.

We can also create whitening trays, formed from casts taken of your mouth, which you can take home. You’ll be told how much gel to put in the trays and how long to wear them, depending on the amount of whitening you need.

There is less risk with professional supervision

Over-the-counter options offer a cheaper, more accessible form of teeth whitening. But it can be worth it to pay for the help of someone certified. Over-the-counter products can be applied improperly, causing patchy or uneven lightening. They can also be applied too often, causing the teeth to grey. With our help, you can be sure to avoid these outcomes.

If you’re looking to get a white smile but still aren’t sure whether or not you need a professional’s help, you should contact Dr. Alwazzan, your local cosmetic dentist in Quincy, MA, to schedule a consultation. We’ll be able to recommend the best course of action for you and your whitening needs.

Foods to Avoid for Perfect Teeth

What you eat is a huge determining factor in the appearance of your teeth. The right foods will leave you with healthy, pearly whites, while the wrong food choices can cause wear, chips, staining, and an increased susceptibility to decay. Below are some of the worst offenders, foods which will contribute to damaged and unhealthy teeth. While not everyone is willing to avoid these foods entirely, you can be smart about when and how you consume them to save your teeth from the worst danger. To maintain your best dental health, Dr. Alwazzan offers the following food tips:


This has to be at the top of any list of foods bad for your teeth. The combination of acidity and sugar is a real tooth-killer. Even diet sodas are bad for your teeth, and should be consumed only in moderation.

Tips: Limit your soda intake. When you do drink it, use a straw, which reduces its exposure to your teeth. Drink your soda quickly rather than in many small sips, limiting the time that your teeth are exposed. Try confining soda to mealtimes, when your salivary glands are at peak production; or rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Coffee and tea

While they don’t suffer from carbonation, coffee and tea have their own drawbacks: notably, a dark color which can easily stain teeth. Add sugar, as many people do, and your beautiful teeth may not look so bright a few years from now.

Tips: The same as soda. Limit your intake, drink slowly, use a straw, and rinse afterward to prevent beverage residue from sitting on your teeth.

Sugary snacks

We’ve already mentioned sugar as something to avoid. When you eat sugary foods, the bacteria in your mouth feast and multiply—and as they do, they secrete acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. Avoid sugar and other carbs, and you’ll prevent a bacteria population explosion.

Tips: Eat your sweet treats as part of meals rather than snacking on them throughout the day. Brush and floss afterward to remove trapped food particles that could feed bacteria.

Bright dyes

We are at a point in history when available foods are more varied than ever before. They compete for our attention with aesthetic packaging, catchy slogans—and eye-catching colors in the foods themselves. While this may be great for your appetite, it’s bad for your teeth. Like tea and coffee, any food with strong dyes in it risks staining your teeth. Children’s foods especially are likely to appear in bright, appealing colors—making this a problem for kids and parents alike.

Tips: When choosing your food and your family’s, pick less colorful alternatives over strongly-dyed foods.

Hard candy

Aside from its sugar content, hard candies present another danger: chewing them can chip or crack a tooth. This applies to any hard food, but candies are the most common culprit.

Tips: Suck on your candy rather than chewing. For kids who are likely to chew, choose a soft alternative, or forego the candy in favor of fruit or nuts.


Chewing ice is an unfortunately common habit. Just like hard candy, it can crack your teeth. But ice is a special case, because unlike candy which has a role in most people’s diets, there’s no reason to eat ice at all. The urge to chew ice often indicates an iron deficiency, so by addressing that problem, you may reduce or eliminate the urge to risk your teeth.

Tips: Increase your iron intake with red meats such as beef and lamb, dark leafy greens such as spinach, and nuts, beans, and seeds.

If you have already suffered tooth damage, come to our office for cosmetic dentistry in Quincy, MA. We’ll help return your teeth to their full beauty and give you a new reason to smile.

Periodontal Cleaning

shutterstock_56048488It is well known that regular brushing and flossing at home is a good recipe for healthy teeth and gums. But it is also vitally important to see your dentist regularly. Besides performing check-ups for cavities, gum disease and even some forms of cancer, one of the most important reasons to visit the office of Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC is for professional dental cleanings.

When we clean your teeth, we are able to reach and clean parts of your mouth that are inaccessible to you with regular household dental tools. Using specialized instruments, your teeth are cleaned beneath the gum line, and the debris and harmful bacteria are gently polished away.

When the process of gum disease begins, and the deeper gum tissue and bone become infected, an even deeper cleaning may be necessary than what other Quincy dentists can provide. In this case, it is wise to visit a certified periodontist, who can care for your teeth with scaling and root planing.

Scaling is the process by which tartar buildup is removed from the teeth and the harmful bacteria are removed. Specialized tools are employed to ensure that as much plaque and tartar are removed as possible, preventing further inflammation and the progress of gum disease. Root planing is scaling on the root of the tooth. Because this procedure is so deep beneath the surface of the gums, we may use local anesthetics, in which case only one quarter of the mouth is cleaned at a time to avoid the complications of numbing the entire mouth at once.

Scaling and root planing are crucial to the health of the sub-gingival area once inflammation occurs and the process of gum disease begins. For the sake of the health of not only the gums, but the supporting bone tissue as well, this procedure must be done by a competent periodontist. Keeping the periodontal area clean and strong also ensures that your gums appear pink and strong, giving you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dr. Lee is a certified periodontist in the Quincy area who specializes in the proper care and maintenance of the gums and jaw bones. Together with the other dentists of Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC, we have all the training and experience to ensure that you receive premium periodontal care. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a consultation and find out what your gums and teeth need in order for you to look and feel your very best!

The Advantages of Dentures

If you have lost teeth due to age, accident, or decay, it can change your entire life. How you eat, how you speak, and how you smile all depend on these essential structures. While they are not a perfect replacement for your natural teeth, a set of custom-made specialty dentures can restore much of the look and function of your original smile.  For the best fit and the most beautiful results, the practice of Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC includes two prosthodontists, specialists in the creation and maintenance of dental appliances like dentures. Dr. Mirucki and Dr. Lee will restore your smile and help you resume your life after tooth loss.iStock_000009903041_Full


When your diet is limited by a decreased ability to bite and chew, nutrition can suffer. Many of the healthiest foods are those which require a functional set of teeth to consume, such as tough fruits and vegetables. Your new dentures will ensure that you can maintain a healthy, varied diet for the balanced nutrition you need to keep your health at its best.


Self-consciousness about your smile can seriously decrease your confidence and impact the impression you make on other people. With your complete, healthy set of teeth restored, you will be able to smile without shame, improving your self-esteem, your mood, and your general well-being. Your dentures from Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC will be custom-designed to suit your features and return the smile you once had to its full beauty.


The custom fit of our dentures isn’t just about looks. Having dental appliances that are fitted to your mouth is a major factor in their comfort and usability. We take pride in offering dentures and other dental prosthetics which are comfortable, easy to use, and individualized for you.

Maximum stability

For the very best results, we recommend implant-secured dentures and bridges. Dental implants offer the greatest benefit out of all strategies for replacing teeth. For more information, visit our dental implants page.

If you are missing teeth, whether just one tooth or your whole smile, don’t wait to get help. Come to Quincy dentist Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC, and let us return your smile to its full beauty and function.

Cosmetic Contouring

No matter how beautiful, white, and well-shaped your teeth may be, a little excess gum tissue can destroy the look you have so carefully maintained. Even a tiny amount of gum tissue out of place can be disastrous. Overlong or uneven gums are a major complaint for those with otherwise healthy smiles, as they visually shorten the teeth and can make them appear crooked. To correct this, Dr. Alwazzan offers cosmetic contouring, or “gum lifts,” to reshape the gums so that they better suit your beautiful smile.

A common problem

There are many possible causes for excessive gum growth. Some have long gums their entire lives for genetic reasons; others may suddenly see a change in their gums due to hormonal changes, illness, or various medications. Whatever the cause, this accelerated growth can cause an obvious change in your smile.

A simple solution

Gum lifts are a relatively quick procedure performed in-office by Dr. Alwazzan and his associates. First, we will give you an exam to familiarize ourselves with the unique features of your mouth. Then we’ll consult with you about the effect you are trying to achieve. Finally, we will trim your gum tissue in a minimally painful procedure to leave you with even, balanced gums and beautiful teeth.

Your best smile yet

After your cosmetic contouring treatment, you’ll be able to smile with new confidence, knowing that your teeth look their best. A confident smile has many benefits, including increased self-esteem, greater satisfaction with your looks, and an improved ability to make a good first impression. Improving your smile is improving your life.

If you are interested in receiving cosmetic contouring, Dr. Alaa Alwazzan DMD PC is here to help. Call our office or request an appointment online, and let us help you achieve the gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed of.