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What are Dentures?

Dentures Quincy MA

Dentures Quincy MA | Dentures are one of the most common forms of teeth replacement. Yet, many patients are not as familiar with them. Dentures offer many benefits to those with missing teeth. For example, dentures improve the quality of life to those struggling to chew and speak correctly. Learn more about dentures below. And, be sure to schedule a consultation to improve your oral health today!

dentures quincy ma

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable mouth appliances used to replace missing teeth. Patients can choose from partial or complete dentures. Partials benefit those with some missing teeth. While, completes are best for patients that are missing all of their teeth. Dentures are custom made to appear natural and fit comfortably. As a result, patients can choose from the following types of dentures.

Conventional: Remaining teeth are removed, if needed. This set is created and inserted after the gums have healed for the best fit.

Immediate: If teeth are removed, this set is inserted the same day. It offers convenience for those that do not wish to wait. However, patients will need to return in a few weeks to have them readjusted.

Overdentures: Existing teeth can be used to offer support to this set. In addition, dental implants can also be used, depending on the procedure.

dentures quincy ma

How do I care for dentures?

Dentures are delicate and should be handled with care. Therefore, brush your dentures and mouth at least twice a day. This avoids bacterial buildup which can lead to bad breath and mouth sores. Also, store your dentures in clean water when not in use. This prevents warping. Should you notice discomfort or damage, call us right away.

Contact us about teeth replacement.

Dentures Quincy MA | Teeth replacement varies between patients. Dentures could be your best option. So, speak to us today. Our dental team is ready to assist and answer any questions. Call (617) 328-5060 or book an appointment here. You may also visit us at 580 Hancock Street Quincy, MA 02170.

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