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About Dental Sealants

Preventive dental care is the best way to maintain a healthy, brilliant smile, which is why we recommend a consistent routine of flossing and brushing. However, in addition to at-home care, there’s more you can do to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Quincy dentist Dr. AlWazzan and his associates provide dental sealants to both children and adults, because sealants are one of the most effective ways to stop cavities from ever starting.

Dental SealantsMost people associate dental sealant treatments with adolescents, since it is common for kids to get this treatment when their permanent molars come in. However, dental sealants are important for adults as well. Sealants work as a barrier against food particles, bacteria, and acid. They protect some of the most vulnerable places in your mouth: the chewing surfaces of your molars.

The molars are naturally full of pits and crevices which can trap food and provide a haven for bacteria. Without protection, your enamel is easily damaged and your teeth start to decay, which is why a huge percentage of tooth decay begins in the molars. Dental sealants protect against all of this. Once sealants have been applied, food particles, sugar, and bacteria cannot get through, and the new surface created is smoother and easy to clean. That is why the American Dental Association Council on Dental Therapeutics considers dental sealants to be an essential preventive treatment against cavities.

Dental SealantsAs with any other service, we offer state-of-the-art techniques and work hard to ensure your comfort. Receiving dental sealants is a quick and painless process. After your teeth have been cleaned they will be prepared with a conditioner to allow your teeth to receive the sealant, which is made of a plastic resin. Your teeth will then be dried so that the sealant can bond to your teeth. The sealant is applied with a small brush to your back teeth. After the sealant is painted on your teeth, we use a special light to seal the resin to the enamel so that it hardens completely. You won’t be able to feel it on your teeth after it has hardened. It also dries white, so the sealant blends in with your natural teeth.

Dental sealants generally last between three and five years. Dr. AlWazzan will monitor your sealants when you come in for check-ups. When the sealants start to wear out, Dr. AlWazzan can reapply them. In this way you can be consistently protected against tooth decay and achieve a healthy smile. Contact us today to find out more about how your dentist in Quincy, MA can improve your dental health and quality of life.

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